premier entrepreneurship incubator for sports (RUNS).

Ministry of sports and youth’s incubator, I partnership with the executive partner Innovation Hub

The Ministry of Youth and Sports, in collaboration with the Innovation Center at Ain Shams University (iHub), aims to establish a community of entrepreneurs interested in creating startups that focus on developing technologies serving various sports fields or contributing to the advancement of sports management and related areas in Egypt. The goal is to make an impact on projects, events, and activities carried out by sports institutions in Egypt, ultimately benefiting the Egyptian economy.

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Project partners


We value the ability to bounce back from challenges and setbacks, encouraging our entrepreneurs to embrace resilience as they navigate the competitive sports industry. drive innovation in the sports industry.
We believe in the power of collaboration, teamwork, and fostering a sense of togetherness within our entrepreneurship community, leveraging collective strengths to drive innovation in the sports industry.
We encourage and celebrate the pursuit of new ideas, pioneering approaches, and disruptive innovations that have the potential to reshape the sports industry, fostering a spirit of novelty among our entrepreneurs.
We are dedicated to the success of our entrepreneurs and strive to provide them with the necessary tools, networks, and opportunities to achieve their goals and make a lasting impact in the sports industry.

Specific objectives of the project

Foster Innovation
Encourage and support the development of innovative ideas, products, and services that have the potential to disrupt and enhance the sports industry.
Accelerate Entrepreneurship
Provide a comprehensive program that accelerates the growth of sports startups, offering resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful ventures.
Cultivate a Collaborative Community
Create a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs, athletes, industry experts, and investors can connect, share knowledge, and collaborate to foster innovation and drive the growth of the sports entrepreneurship ecosystem.
Facilitate Access to Resources
Provide entrepreneurs with access to essential resources such as funding, facilities, technology, market research, legal support, and industry expertise to enable their ventures to thrive in the competitive sports industry.

Ain Shams University innovation circle


The Training and Development Centre serves as the university’s capacity-building arm.

It aims to:

  1. Study the current situation and labour market to ensure continuous development.
  2. Assess the actual training needs.
  3. Conduct training programmes and workshops.
  4. Invest in university human resources to achieve long-term development and capacity building.
  5. Establish local and international collaborations.
  6. Submit research and development proposals to national and international agencies.
  7. Support local community institutions by transferring knowledge and skills in a variety of fields.



The university’s entrepreneurial arm is the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre.

It aims to:

  1. Workshops for raising awareness about the entrepreneurship.
  2. Simulation (innovation camps and clubs as well as competitions).
  3. Discover creative ideas.

project’s team

Ain Shams University Staff

Prof.Neveen Aasem
Prof.Neveen Aasem
TDC Director & Vice Director of the project
Dr.Weaam Mahmoud
Dr.Weaam Mahmoud

Director of the Innovation Center (IHUB)

Mr.Nohamed Gamal
Mr.Nohamed Gamal
General Secretary of the IHUB & Project administrative director

Ministry of Youth and Sports Staff

Major General / Ismail Far
Major General / Ismail Far
رئيس قطاع الشباب
Mrs.Nagwa Salah
Mrs.Nagwa Salah
رئيس الادارة المركزية لتنمية الشباب
Mrs.Manal Gamal
Mrs.Manal Gamal

رئيس الادارة المركزية لتمكين الشباب

Mrs.Ola Kamal
Mrs.Ola Kamal
مدير عام الجامعات
Mr.Ahmed Samy
Mr.Ahmed Samy

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